Calendar of Events 2019-2020 MPH II semester (May 2019 to Oct 2019)

Calendar of Events 2019-2020 MPH II semester (May 2019 to Oct 2019)

May 20th   May Reopening of college and commencement of class
3rd  week Regular Classes
31st May World No Tobacco Day
Jun 1st week Regular Classes
5th Jun World Environment Day
5th  Jun Ramzan
2nd Week Internal Assessment
14th Jun World Blood donor Day
3rd week Regular Classes/ visit to sub center
3rd week One day trip
20th Jun Final Selection of Concentration Courses and Electives
4th week Regular Classes/  My Opinion – Discussion forum
Jul 1st week Regular Classes
2nd week Regular Classes/ Visit to NGO/Charitable hospital
11th Jul World Population Day
3rd  week Regular Classes/ Get Together
28th Jul World hepatitis day
4th week Regular class and Guest Lecture
29th Jul ORS Day
Aug 1st week Regular classes
1st to 8th World Breast Feeding Week
9th  Aug Varamahalakshmi vrata
12nd Aug Bakrid
2nd week Internal Assessment 
15th Aug Independence Day
3rd  week Exposure visit
4th week  Guest Lecture / Ethnic Day
Sep 1st week National Nutrition Week
2nd Sep Vinayaka Vrata
2nd week Regular Classes
10th Sep Moharam
11th Sep Onam
12th Sep World Oral Health Day
3rd week Regular class / Guest lecture
4th Week Exposure Visit to Maharashtra  (Jamked/Vadu)
28th Sep Mahalaya Amavasya
Oct 1st Week Study Holiday
2nd week Tentative Final Exams

Note: Every month there are several regular activities

  • One guest lecture
  • One visit
  • Discussion forum: My Opinion
  • Co curricular activities
  • Documentary movie screening
  • Seminars
  • Journal club
  • Group Discussions

NOTE: All the above programmes and date/timeline are subjected to change depending on the time and resources availability.

For Further Details Contact

MPH Faculty Coordinator

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